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This page is essentially a visual list of my Internet hangouts and other tidbits of infomation of interest to me. It started life as a sort of scratch pad to experiment with HTML (and still is) and has now evolved into the "Other Stuff". Stay tuned for the Internet Hangout List, Part 2! Part 1 is now available for viewing.


This has got to be the coolest languge since C. It's a language called Perl. What's even cooler, is that one of the authors of the book, Programming perl, is actually on the net!! So you want to see some examples of perl in action? Well, there's the ever handy CGI scripts that permeate the Web, and of course, Jeffrey Friedl's ultra cool perl scripts and Japanese-English-Japanese gateway server!


Have you ever wanted to see Japanese text on the World Wide Web, but were afraid to blow up your system by installing weird software or just lacked the courage to spark up a Japanese OS? Well, try out Shodouka: You'll love it!

Tiny Japan Page

Now, it isn't that Japan is tiny per se, it's just that I have a tiny page on Japan.

Sinclair ZX81

...speaking of which, this little computer was my first exposure to computing, bought by my dad for my birthday back in 1981. Yup, I have been doing stuff in electronics like controllers and low-level programming for a loooong time.

US or Canadian lawyer? Read this first. :-) Alternatively, you can try the WWW Virtual Library's Law Index.

Take a look at the Blade Runner Soundtrack, released by Vangelis.

Find out what's new at Russia's leading academic institution: Moscow State University.

Jupiter versus the Shoemaker-Levy 9 Comet

It's dangerous! It's catastrophic! And we're safe! Checkout what's new with Jupiter and its dinosaurs! Note: This site was really busy, but traffic should have died down by now.


Check out Stewart M. Clamen's wonderful Canadiana Home Page. This is full of some other interesting Canadian topics (such as tourism info, sports, weather, StatsCan census figures, government info pointers, cultural and education info...on and on!) as well as some links to some of the more important cyberspace information relating to Canada.

Solon Law Archive Project

This site specializes in all sorts of laws, but it's main trust is constitutional stuff. Specifically the Constitution of Canada, and generally in other Constitutions of the world, although it isn't as rich in the number of documents. Have a look my addiction. (It's one of my sites.)

World Cup USA 1994 Scores

For information, click here. Later on, information from previous Mexico 86 and Italia 90 World Cups will be added (Uh, yeah, right). An old hypertext version of the FIFA 'Rules of the Game' is available.

NCSA's httpd server docs. A must read before bedtime.


Here's a bit of nostalgia I recently found: It's RFC 1296, which describes the number of Internet sites as of 1990!


Besides being "safe storage for stolen objects" (J. Ralston Saul), find out what museological entities have decided to catch the wave of Internet by visiting the World Wide Web Virtual Library: Museums page.

Six definitions of Canada

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