Memorandum 1992

I. Laws of the Game. The specific changes and Advice to Referees have been included in the preceding Laws.

II. Other Decisions Taken by the Board

  1. If a player is sent off for a second cautionable offense in a match, the referee is required to show both the yellow and the red card simultaneously (so that it is obvious that the player is being sent off for the second cautionable offices and not for an offense requiring immediate expulsion).

  2. (Amendment to the Notes to the Laws of the Game)

III. Further Specific Instructions to the Referees

  1. The Board once more insisted that referees be much stricter when dealing with timewasting tactics, particularly in the following five situations:

    1. The referee must react strictly if the ball is kicked away or carried away with the hands after a free-kick has been given against a player. The guilty player must be cautioned and shown the yellow card.

    2. The referee must caution and show the yellow card to any player(s) encroaching from the defending wall.

    3. A player who stands in front of the ball when a free-kick has been given against his team, in order to waste time to allow his team to organize the defensive wall, must be cautioned and shown the yellow card.

    4. The board insisted that decision 17 to Law 12, introduced in 1991, (control of the ball by the goalkeeper), must be strictly implemented by referees. Some referees have shown a tendency to avoid its correct application - a situation which can no longer be accepted.

    5. The Board also insisted that referees strictly enforce Law 12, 5(a) in relation to the number of steps taken by the goalkeepers when they have control of the ball in their hands.

  2. The International F.A. Board took the decision that visible undergarments such as thermopants (cycling shorts) are authorized. They must, however, be of the same color as the shorts of the team of the player wearing them and not extend beyond the top of the knee. If a team wears multicolored shorts, the undergarments must be of the same color as of the predominant color (of the shorts).