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This page provides a listing of some of articles, speeches or other such materials expressing opinions about the Canadian Consitution, or a subject related to it, like minority language rights. The documents are presented roughly in order of time.

May 27, 1987 - Meech Lake Accord

Pierre Elliott Trudeau writes an article on the Meech Lake Accord.

1991 - Shaping Canada's Future Together

The Government of Canada's statement on Canada's Constitutional future later on became the basis of the Charlottetown Accord.

November 6, 1995

Pierre Trudeau goes on record with this article on the Federal Government's reaction after the October 1995 Quebec referendum.

February 3, 1996

Pierre Elliott Trudeau writes in Montreal newspapers, accussing Premier Lucien Bouchard of manipulating the people of Quebec by re-writing political history.

February 10, 1996

Premier Lucien Bouchard's response to Pierre Elliott Trudeau's article.

February 17, 1996

Pierre Elliott Trudeau's final response to Premier Lucien Bouchard.

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