First of all, I want to thank Stewart M. Clamen. His Canadiana home page gave me the inspiration to take what I already had and extend it into what I have done here.

A special thank you goes to Miss Martha E. Sotomayor Soto, who did the Spanish translation of some of these pages. Her patient tolerance of a lousy Word for Windows Spanish dictionary was especially appreciated.

I also want to thank Rich Wales for his contribution of an electronic copy of the Statute of Westminster, 1931. For providing the net-community with a copy of the Charlottetown Consensus, Michael Goddard, of the Department of Health. Additionally, David Chapman for his contribution of the elusive Hudson's Bay Charter, as well as a copy of Treaty Number 8.

A special thank you to Catherine Piccinin of the Committees and Private Legislation Directorate of the Senate, who in November 1995 furnished me with all available committee reports on the Constitution that I couldn't otherwise locate, plus a few I hadn't even known existed.

Professor Ian Brodie, of the Department of Political Science at the University of Calgary has been very kind with his advice and insight.

Prof. David Jones of McMaster University, Director of the Electronic Frontier Canada, for having taken the time and patience to, at one time, mirror these pages.

Terry Kuny, of the National Library of Canada, for lending his help in the way of advice and support.

Anne Bayefsky's two volume set Canada's Constitution Act 1982 and Amendments: A Documentary History, 1989. This is an excellent and priceless reference work, which gives not only the evolutionary journey that the Canada Act, 1982, took to develop, but also places in context the various proposals put forth by the various levels of federal and provincial governments over a twenty-two year period.

Glenn Gould. The pianist. Seriously. Listening to his mastery of the piano keys (via the soundtrack to Thirty-Two Short Films About Glenn Gould), lent great enthusiasm for myself and my fingers to converse with the otherwise monotonous computer keyboard.

Lastly, I want to thank the many people who have visited this site - and give it the reason to be. I hope that my attempt at making this accessible on the "Canadian Information Superhighway," as well as to the rest of the world will have taught them a little bit about the minor complexities of this country...which seems, during the length of my life here, quite peaceful.

Last updated: 15 October, 2000.

William F. Maton