A Few good Perl Scripts

These are some handy perl scripts I have either modified or written. Included here are the now famous kidofwais.pl and print_hit_bold.pl scripts, as originally done by Mike Grady. These scripts are meant to create a more-or-less human-readble interface for the freeWAIS series of fulltext search engines. There's also a script for producing Japanese text as GIFs, a script for presenting pictures produced via a Connectix QuickCam and a series of scripts that comprise the CA*Net 3 looking glass.

Enhanced Print Hit Bold

Print_hit_bold.pl is an accompanying script for kidofWAIS.pl, written by Mike Grady. Really there are only two changes: I added the blink tag pair around the stock bold tag pair to enhance a hit's visibility, and I also modified the script to fetch the hilighted document via HTTP, rather than finding it through the filesystem. It requires Jeffrey Friedl's two perl libraries, network.pl, and www.pl.

See the documentation inside the script for more details.

CA*Net 3 Looking Glass Code

The CA*Net 3 looking glass code was derived from work previously done by David Yirku of ONet for the CA*Net 2 project. I took over the code from ONet and enhanced it to the stage it is now. There's some extra bits and pieces found inside the tarball which are necesssary to make the thing work.

Note that this incarnation of the code is the final version and not likely to be supported in the future. A newer, more robust version of the code will be released sometime in the near future.

Comments and contributions welcome.


This is a script which acts as a WWW interface for qcam, a program that fetches an image from a Connectix QuickCam connected via a parallel port. Requires the timespan.pl library.


Back in the early days of the Web, there was a considerable lack of support for languages other than English, and especially Japanese. Folks wanted a way to display Japanese, and perhaps more importantly, sprinkle Japanese in some way onto their primitive web pages.

Jeffrey Friedl came up with txt2gif, which allowed one to take the contents of an EUC-JP-encoded text file and transform it into GIFs.

That software was then extended to support background as well as foreground colours. Version 2.0 allows for vertical printing of Japanese as GIFs.

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